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Venue: Budapest Design Briefs

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About The Project

Sport Concepts were appointed by the Hungarian Government to prepare design briefs for six new sports facilities in the city of Budapest. Each of these facilities are designed to be permanent structures that have the capacity to expand through the use of temporary overlay host an Olympic Summer Games competition. All of the facilities are located on or just North of Csepel Island, which is located in the South of the city. The site is surrounded on three sides by the river Danube and its tributaries.

The six design briefs that Sport Concepts prepared are as follows:

National Athletics Stadium

An IAAF compliant 15,000 seat permanent athletics stadium. It is estimated that there will be around 15-20 athletics competitions held in the stadium every year with no more than 2-3 of these at full capacity. The design is capable of being expanded to a capacity of 55,000 seats and suitable to host an Olympic and Paralympic Games athletics competition.

Associated outdoor warm up facilities

IAAF compliant athletics warm up and throwing field.

Sports Arena

An indoor sports arena that accommodates 1,500 spectators around a 200m indoor athletics track. This facility can be converted to a 10,000-seat spectator arena to host Olympic Handball.

Tennis Centre

An outdoor tennis centre capable of hosting an ATP 250 tennis tournament. This can be expanded to host Olympic Tennis.

Extreme Sport Centre

The extreme sport centre incorporates two key elements. These are White-Water Rafting and BMX. In addition, it is envisaged there will be a climbing wall. All sports will be served by a central hub building that houses athletes and spectator accommodation. The project can be expanded to accommodate Olympic White-Water Rafting and BMX events.

The new facilities are to form an important part of the image of Budapest, well into the future. The facilities will be marketed nationally and internationally and must be seen to be of a high quality, when measured against similar facilities worldwide.

Easy to maintain facilities are imperative, so that the buildings retain their quality feel in the future and keep operational costs to a minimum. The footprint of each venue shall be minimised to keep designs efficient and construction costs down.

Each design brief is intended to be an instruction manual for architects to design each building. Detailed information for each element of the building was provided. This included the site, the field of play, spectator provision, press facilities, administration facilities, sportsmen’s facilities, service areas and plant. Estimated sqm area breakdowns for each room required were provided.

The Hungarian government has just launched international design competitions for each venue. Going forward, it is envisaged Sport Concepts will assist the judging panel in assessing these submissions to choose a successful design team.

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